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Thank you for considering a gift to The Junior League of Reno, Inc. Your contribution will assist the League in fulfilling its mission in a significant way. We invite you to contribute to our endowment fund, make a general donation, or in the form of sponsoring our fundraising event(s).

Donate to Our Endowment Fund
The Mission of the Endowment Fund is to strengthen and provide long-term financial stability to the programs and services of the Junior League of Reno. Our Mission is accomplished by annually increasing the Endowment Fund principal through contributions and investments. These contributions will allow a steady flow of income for community projects, programs and services of the Junior League of Reno.

Make a General Donation to JLR
If you are interested in making a general donation to the Junior League of Reno, which will help fund League programs and projects, you can do so online. Donations can also be made in honor and/or in memory of individuals.

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